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1 Down 49 To Go!

Luke and I created our buckets and our list today for the 2012 Bucket List Challenge!  It was loads of fun coming up with 50 things that we wanted to do this summer and to write them on our little Popsicle sticks.  We decided that a trip to the dollar store was in order to get the supplies for our bucket list.  What we found were 2 little metal buckets and colorful sticks.  On each stick we wrote on thing we wanted to do and placed them all (50 of them!) into one bucket.  I them made a couple of signs for the buckets…one says to do and one says done.  This will be our way of keeping track of our accomplishments and adventures.

On top of it, we were able to mark one item off our list (or rather move one stick over to the DONE bucket).  Luke decided a trip to Spicy Pie was in order for the first day of summer vacation.  It just so happened that a trip there was on the bucket list by Luke’s request.  That leaves 49 more things to do this summer vacation!

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