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My basement is a mess. It has been the catch all for all the stuff that we have no room for anywhere else and it is BAD. I am admitting this publicly on this blog as a way of accountability for myself. I figure if I tell all of you how desperately I need to work on cleaning up the space, maybe I will feel the need to prove to you (and myself) that I can get it cleaned and organized.

I am not going to lie. I am having a seriously hard time trying to figure out how I am going to take the stuff I had in a 3200 square foot house with a 2 stall garage and a 2 story storage shed and fit it into a 1500 square foot house with very little storage of any kind. I have sold stuff, I have given stuff away, I have donated stuff, I have thrown A LOT of stuff in the garbage, but the plain fact is, I STILL HAVE A LOT OF STUFF!!!!

So my goal for tonight is to spend some time in the basement going through the stuff that is stashed down there and try to come up with a way to organize it and make it feel more liveable. I can do this, I think. Wish me luck. I will take some before pics just so that you all believe me in seeing how very bad it really looks down there. It is not pretty, but this is my real life and if I am not being real, what is the point?

Here goes nothing!!!

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