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Bathroom Progress

Things are continuing to progress at the house. In the bathroom, we have done tons of work. The most major change was the floor. Ryan wanted to try his hand at ceramic tile (had no idea how long that process would take). For those of you who have done ceramic tile, I am sure you understand the amount of work, but I had no clue. All the cutting, position of tiles, more cutting, taking the tiles out and then putting down the mortar, reposition the tiles, waiting for it all to dry and then having to grout it. Not for me. I would have lost interest after the first cuts!

Now that is it done, though, it really is beautiful! In addition to the flooring, we ripped out the shower doors (and will replace with a curtain). The doors were so grungy and smelly when we removed them. It really changed the look of the room. I painted the walls a shade of tan and also painted the trim, door, and cabinet. New knobs on the cabinet really made it look much nicer. I still need to come up with a curtain or shade for the window and decorate. The shower curtain still needs to be hung and the new mirror I bought also need to go up. Slowly, but surely. Hopefully soon, I can update with a finished look. For now, check out the before and afters.




More updates to come!

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