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Christmas in a Wee Little House

Once upon a time, I had a huge amount of Christmas decor and a very large space to put the decor. I used to decorate most of the main floor with all the lovely decoration and it was pretty decked out for the holidays. Fast forward to the present and I find myself in a dilemma. So far I have gotten rid of about half of my Christmas decor, but I am finding that even with the huge purge of stuff, I still have no room for a Christmas tree. I have been trying to come up with some ideas of ways to have a little Christmas tree in our living room.

I was at Interiors Plus the other day and found a great idea. I was a tabletop flocked tree that was flat on one side so that it could be set up against the wall. It was beautiful and would work perfectly. Unfortunately, the $140 price tag is a little much.

Of course, what I found is too many options with too little space (and time)! Now I just need to try to find a great little tree and decide which decor I like the most. Take a look at some of the options:

After Thanksgiving, I will post some pictures of the tree and the rest of the Christmas decor! I really can’t believe the Holiday season is upon us.

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