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Doubling the Dining Room

The dining space in our house was more of a nook.  It fit a 4 seat dining table, but that was about it.  With Thanksgiving coming up, we decided we needed more space.  On the other side of the dining room wall was a mud room, which seemed like a waste of space when it could be used for something more.  These pictures are from when we bought the house.  I really love the built in hutch, but for the sake of a larger room, it needed to be removed.  By the way, how do you like the salmon colored walls?

The first step was to knock the wall down.


Then came the realization that the process was not going to be as simple as it seemed.  Beside tearing out plaster and knocking down stud walls, there was going to be flooring and walls to patch, lights to change out, trim to replace,  a gas line to move, electrical to take out, and walls to paint.  Of course, Ryan realized all that, but I was a little clueless!


Quite the process, but it looks so much bigger and a whole lot more open!  Want to see the next steps of the process?  You might just have to wait a little while.  How do you like that for suspense?  Stay tuned for the next update very soon!

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