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Eras gone by

As if house remodeling wasn’t exciting enough, we have had the opportunity to relive many eras in the process. The house was built in 1978 (one year before Ryan was born!) and we found some lovely remnants of vinyl flooring circa 1978. We also found some vinyl flooring from the 1980’s (my decade), which was equally as beautiful, but not quite as retro!

Can you guess which flooring came from which era?

Check out the fantastic linoleum my mother in law is tearing out….

Also from the 1980’s, we uncovered some wallpaper, which I wrote about yesterday. I guess a person never thinks they are going to unearth blue floral wallpaper in a bathroom behind their toilet, but that is exactly what we found yesterday. It was peeling from the wall and pretty gross when we removed the toilet and found it. Just a little bit of history from a house that has seen better days. I am sure at the time, this wallpaper was fantastic and the person who put it up probably thought it was very stylish. You be the judge of the stylishness…

We were also lucky enough to uncover some of the 1990’s as we ripped apart the house. Under the laminate flooring in the kitchen and dining room area, we found some linoleum in pretty shades of pink, blue, and white. You can see that here:

I actually feel really guilty replacing this flooring as it is in good condition, but alas, it has to go!

I hope you enjoyed traveling back in time with me tonight. I must say it was an adventure worth taking and definitely made for an interesting first day as homeowners of Hiawatha Hill House.

So, did you guess the correct era? Wasn’t too difficult…

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