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Feeling inspired…

I am feeling the need to get my creative juices flowing and delve into a creative project of some sort. BUT, I need some inspiration. I am having a hard time getting my brain to function creatively with all that is going on around me. So help me out and give me some ideas of things you would like to see me create. I will try my best and blog about the process. It can be anything from a thrifty home decor project to a homemade gift idea, a great recipe to try to giving you an idea of how to organize a space on the cheap. Give me your best thoughts and ideas and I will try my darnest to create!!! It might just get me out of the creative slump I am in!! I can’t promise perfection, but we might get some good laughs out of the deal…

For inspirational purposes:

Okay, now my brain is fried for the night! Now, it is your turn. Get your thinking caps on and help me come up with some things you want to know about or projects you want me to create and I will do my best.

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