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Memory Wall

In our flooded house, I had a really great picture wall in our entry wall. Because of the small size of this house, I have decided that my picture wall in this house is going to have to be in the hallway. I have slowly been working on it, but am having a hard time finding all my pictures. Hopefully I can find them today when we go to my in-laws house. Since I can’t find my pics, I have been “forced” to look on pinterest and some other sights for inspiration. Here is what I have found so far:

This is the photo wall that I had in the entry at my now flooded house! Makes me very sad looking at this picture…

Love the variety of pictures and frames in this one.

Love this one too! I am going with black frames again as well!

Hopefully it won’t be too long until I have a finished project to show all of you! It will be a mixture of photos, artwork, trip memories, and lots more. And as always, it will probably an ongoing project even when it is “finished”.

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