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We are finally starting to see some progress in the Hiawatha Hill House. It has been slow going. Actually it really hasn’t. We just bit off more than we can chew and it is hard to swallow! We have been working on the place for a couple of weeks now. The first week was pre-closing so it was just painting and cleaning. This past week, we worked on the remodel part of the job. We have ripped out old flooring, primed all the floors, painted walls, painted all the trim, did a little wallpapering, painted cabinets, finished some flooring, crown molding, and a load of other things. I will try to post pictures as I can. It has been such a whirlwind that it has been difficult to get a lot of picture time in. So far Luke’s room is ready to go (no furniture yet) and after today, I think all the bedrooms will be remodeled. That is exciting progress!

Happy Sunday!

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