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The Guest Bedroom Has Been Revived!!

I have spent the past 3 days working my tail off in the basement guest bedroom!  I am covered in paint, but it looks good!  When we bought the house, the bedroom looked like this…

Great for a teenager, but not my idea of a pretty look!  It was a little busy for my liking and definitely didn’t match my existing guest bedroom decor.  I decided to use one of my favorite new paint colors, which isn’t all that exciting, but is a very nice neutral color.

It is called Creamy Pebbles.


I highly recommend this color!  I used it in the basement of the Hiawatha House as well!   It has a nice gray undertone, which makes it really soothing and works well with almost any decor!

This is what the basement looks like this morning (the pics make the walls look sort of pinky, strange!)…

spare bedroom 7

The pictures make it look a little pinky, but there is NO PINK undertone in the paint at all.  I am very happy with the final look.  I didn’t buy anything new for the space,  but just went through boxes in the garage to find some vintage inspired things to make the room feel home-y and ready for my dad when he comes next week.  And then for other visitors who decide to make their way to our neck of the woods!  I need to find some new curtains for the room eventually as the white curtain was in the room when we bought the house, but I think it needs a bit more color.

Slowly, but surely, the house is coming together!

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