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Koselig (Koosh Lee) is Norwegian for cozy copy.png

Welcome to Koselig!

Koselig (pronounced koosh lee) is a Norwegian term for "cozy". It brings to mind calm, relaxing, quiet times. It is a state of mind and a way of being. It makes difficult times feel better and makes the long, cold winters more tolerable. Living in North Dakota, a little feeling of Koselig can go a long way. It doesn't just have to be cold times when Koselig is important, we can all use a bit of cozy in our day to day lives.



Koselig was designed to be a warm and inviting place to shop.


Our products are hand selected to bring a smile to your face, some light in your day, or as a day brightener for others. 

We offer home goods, beauty and health care products, gifts, jewelry, and unique wares. The majority of the items in our shop are either locally sourced, made by the owner, or are made in the USA or fair trade products. 

Candles & Plants


Looking for cozy goods to buy? You found the right place!

Pink Chair


Ideas, uses for products, recipes, and so much more!



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