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Creating a Vision Board

With the new year approaching, a lot of people consider what their word for the year is going to be, what they want to accomplish in the new year, and consider the clean slate that is the coming year. Having a vision and being able to see it is a great way to really plan for what you want for the year ahead.

It is a blueprint, a map, gives clarity, and an overall way to pinpoint your goals and dreams. As a FACS teacher (Home Ec), I have my students make a vision board for themselves as their very first assignment for the personal development unit. For some students this task is easy and for others, it is extremely tough. It requires thought and reflection. It causes a person to have to think beyond the present moment, which can be difficult for anyone. It requires a person to dream and really reach inside to what is desired in life. It is a simple task, but is really beneficial.

So what is a vision board exactly? It is whatever you want to make it. It can be pictures, words, drawings, messages, inspirational quotes, colors. It can be organized or messy. It can be serious or whimsical. It can be bright and cheery or very simple. A vision board is whatever you want it to be, but it should be something that you can look at over and over to see if you are on the right path for your plans or if you need to readjust to get to where you want to go.

Here are a few examples of vision boards. They can be made on the computer and printed or you can cut pics from magazines and attach to a cork board or poster board.

A few tips for making a great vision board:

  1. Make it realistic

  2. Consider what you can accomplish this coming year feasibly

  3. Be yourself

  4. Be open to new ideas and dreams

  5. Get creative

  6. Pick a focus

  7. Have fun!

Your vision board can be something that you keep to yourself or can be shared with others. Some people need others to help them stay focused on their goals while others prefer to map their course on their own. Either is just fine. The idea is more about taking some time to consider the possibilities to map out a plan to get there because so much of goal making is being able to see the vision and being intentional about getting there.

Here's to a vision filled 2023!

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