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More Dining Room Updates

The dining room continues to see more progress.   With the wall down, there was painting to be done, a chuck of flooring that needed to be patched/repaired, and other repairs to come.  We really wanted to do a happy dance when we went to Home Depot and they still had the flooring in stock.  We don’t necessarily love the flooring, but it saved us a ton of money to just fill in the gap instead of replacing all the flooring. 


This is the progress of the paint and furniture placement.  Still have to do the trim painting around the ceiling (not my forte!).



It is a slow process, but super exciting!  I can now have a family Thanksgiving in my new dining room with room for a good 20 people if we get cozy.  I will do another update with lighting soon.  I am so thrilled about my new pendant lights…old style Edison light bulbs.  Exciting!!


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