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My Personal Thankful Challenge

It is officially 2 weeks until Thanksgiving.  My house is filled with activity preparing for the big family event that will take place on Turkey Day.  We are planning for about 20 (give or take a few) and really looking forward to it.  Our life has been chaotic the past three years, which has left us pretty up in the air on holiday gatherings.  When we moved into our Forest House, we decided that we wanted to have Thanksgiving at our house.  There was room for everyone and it seemed like a good central location to host the event.

Sadly, it was a short lived tradition due to a river of smelly water that took away that house and then subsequent upheavals that have made our life a little head scratching…

For the next 2 weeks, I would like to spend some time each day reflecting on things that I am thankful for.  When we spend time in gratitude, it changes us.  Our focus changes from the negative and mundane to a more positive outlook.  We see things that we didn’t see before in a new light.  It gives us clarity and perspective, which are beautiful things.

Because of Thanksgiving and thinking about the preparations in progress, it seems fitting to be thankful for our house.  After 7 moves since 2008, it is nice to be settled (almost!).  We are making this house a home and hoping for many years of family and friend gatherings within its walls.  A place where laughter will be had, tears will likely be shed, growth will be made, and life will be lived.

So today, I am thankful for home.  After moving so many times, I have learned that a house is just a house until you make it your home.  The memories, the people, and the life in the house is the key to achieving this feeling.  Every house that we have lived in has been full of memories, good and bad, but I am thankful for all of them.  We have learned a lot of life lessons along the way and I am sure we will learn many more in the years to come.


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