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My Big Frustration

DISCLAIMER:  This is not my normal happy post.  I am crabby today and in keeping this blog real, I am going to let my frustration out!

Can I just be real for a moment?  Here goes….I hate this whole downsizing situation.  I hate that we went from a 3200 square foot house with a 2 car garage and a 2 story shed to a 1500 square foot house with a 1 car garage and no storage what so ever.

I hate that I have had to get rid of over half of my stuff and I still have zero room for anything.  I hate that I still have a garage full of boxes and a bunch of stuff still at Ryan’s parents house and there is not an inch of space to put anything in the house.

It makes me angry that I have 8 dining room chairs for my beautiful dining set and no room for them.  I have furniture, appliances, light fixtures, a kitchen sink, toys, keepsakes, and all sorts of other random stuff with absolutely no place to have them.   I loved having so much space in our old house.  I loved having room for doing crafts and house projects.  Room for Luke to play and spread out without me having to kill my feet on his Legos.

I hate that I used to be able to host parties and holidays at my house and now, there is really not room for any of that.  One dish in the sink makes it look like I haven’t cleaned house for a month and a sink full of dishes makes it look like I haven’t cleaned since we moved in.

So what are my options?  I really don’t have any idea how long we are going to be in this house.  It could be a matter of months or it could be a matter of years.  It bothers me beyond belief to have all this stuff (including half of my kitchen appliances, utensils, dishes, etc.) in storage when other people could be using them.  It bugs me that my clothes are in boxes under the bed because there is no room for a normal dresser in the bedroom and the closet barely fits Ryan’s work clothes.

Do I just get rid of the stuff in boxes in the garage and at Ryan’s parents house?  Should I just go completely simple and bare minimum?  What happens if we do move to a larger house in the future?  I really don’t want to have to go buy all the things we have already all over again if we do get to upgrade some day.

I just hate that none of this was by my own choosing and that I was forced into this downsize because of “An Act of God” which was really more of a man made disaster.

I know, I know, I should be happy to have a roof over my head and I am happy for that.  I just really am going crazy with the amount of stuff that needs to try to get jam packed into this little house.  And now with Ryan working for home for a while (not sure how long), this house has to fit the needs of a home, an office, and a college.

Guess the time has come for yet another garage sale.  Or maybe a huge load to the Goodwill store.  One plus side, our next move should be pretty easy since we will have about 1/4 of the stuff we had when we evacuated the other house.

And I guess I will be saving money by not shopping!  Even garage saling doesn’t sound fun this year.  Bummer!

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