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Sitting Room Update

Finally getting around to posting some pictures of the house!   The previous owners of this house had an addition added onto the house 20 years ago, which made the living room space very large!  I love it!  It did make me scratch my head a few times, though, because they used the extra space for a baby grand piano.  While we would love to have a baby grand piano, it is not in our budget now (or anytime in the foreseeable future).  It took me some time to figure out how I wanted to set up the room and ended up making 2 separate areas.  The one pictured today is a more formal sitting area for chatting over a cup of coffee and also makes for a great reading spot.  The other space, which I will have to post about later, is the lounging area with the sectional sofa (my splurge!) and TV (the old owners left for us!).

Here is a picture of the old owner’s use of the room (baby grand, drool!)


Because of the size of the dining area, we were not able to put the hutch in the dining room (again!).  I think we have only had it in the dining room at one of our four houses.  The joys of moving furniture that you bought for a specific space into houses that it just doesn’t work quite right in.  Oh well, I am really liking how it looks in the sitting area!

Notice my cat again in these pics!  He was in yesterday’s post too!

sitting room 3

I didn’t do any painting in this area because amazingly our decor went pretty well with the existing colors.  Plus I don’t like to paint so if I can get away with not painting, bonus!  In this area, I used all decor, furniture, etc. that I already had.  I have so much stuff, why buy more?

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