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5 Cozy Gift Ideas from Koselig

Do you ever find it really difficult to shop for certain people? Are you looking for a teacher gift, Secret Santa present, or a unique gift for a friend or family member? We can help!

At Koselig, our goal is to offer gift items that are both unique and often one of a kind. We have 25 local artisans who have careful made many of our products to provide you with a shopping experience that is both relaxed and inviting, but also offers you a chance to find something you may not find anywhere else!

Here are 5 ideas we have for you this holiday season that just might mark a few names off your long shopping list!

1. Date Night Ideas Jar

This cute glass jar is filled with little wood tiles with ideas for a date night. From stay at home to going out on adventures, you will find fun and interesting ideas for your next date night (and the one after that and the one after that!). Great gift for a newly married couple, a couple who has been together for a long time, or for your own significant other!

2. Goat's Milk Soap Bar and Soap Saver Pouch

This is an excellent gift for someone who wants a local handmade product, someone who has allergies to scents, or someone who is conscious of ingredients in their bath products. Made by a local artisan, this soap is lovely and she also hand makes the soap saver pouches. If you have never used a soap saver pouch, now is the time. It truly lengthens the lifespan of your bar of soap!

3. Handmade Earrings

From polymer clay "ugly Christmas sweater" earrings to crocheted stars and cowboy boots to macrame creations, we have made different pairs of earrings that would make a great gift for many on your list. These are all made my our local jewelry artisans and you are sure to find a design that will please someone on your list.

4. Succulent Designs

While some people have a green thumb, others love the idea of greenery around their home or office, but struggle with keeping their plants alive. A faux succulent creation is just the way to provide someone on your list, who lacks the ability to keep their plants upright, a touch of green in the middle of winter. We have a variety of beautiful designs that will make anyone on your list happy!

5. Hot Drink Mixes

This time of year, it is necessary to have lots of warm drinks available to warm up the soul! We have a variety of mixes to make chai tea, fireside coffee, and hot apple cider. They make great teacher or Secret Santa gifts!

Holidays don't need to be stressful when you can shop in a cozy little shop like Koselig!

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