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Blue Floral Wallpaper

It is simply amazing what you find when you start ripping apart a house. After remodeling 2 houses, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am always amazed at what is lurking behind, upper, and inside of spaces. One such find was 1970’s inspired linoleum (imagine orange and red flowers, brick pattern, etc.). I forgot my camera and Ryan already ripped that out so I don’t think I can share pics, unless of course, I decide to rummage through the trash, which I may!

Upon taking out the upstairs toilet, we were fortunate enough to find a remnant of the house’s former life circa the late 1980’s or 90’s. This find was a small section of blue floral wallpaper, which is very pretty and I am sure was a lovely part of the home back in it’s glory! I told Ryan that he could not remove it until after I got my camera because I needed proof that it existed. You will love it as much as I do, I am sure.

At this point in this, the old flooring is completely ripped out of all of the rooms, the floors have been primed to removed any smells, and most of the walls have been painted. There is still A LOT to do, but it is coming. Hopefully my tired body can put up with another day of remodel. Man, it is tiring. I told Ryan tonight that we are too old to do another house remodel!!

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