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Dollar Store Ornaments=Wreath

I went to the Dollar Tree store this morning just to scope out their Christmas stuff. I have been trying to come up with fun things to do to make it feel more like Christmas and you just never know what you might come across at the mostly junk store!

To my surprise, they had some fun gold and silver ornaments that would work well with the grapevine wreath I have gotten at the Tree of Hope Christmas decor giveaway a few weeks back. I bought $10 worth of ornaments and went on my way.

Because I get antsy and can’t wait to get my crafty brain working, I decided this evening would be a good time to put my wreath together. Out came the glue gun, some evergreen garland (quite literally evergreen since it is fake!), and all the dollar store ornaments and I was set to begin!

Since I have no room in this house for crafting and because I have too often gotten hot glue on things I shouldn’t get it on, I decided the concrete floor in the laundry room would be a great place to get the creative juices going. So I sat myself on the floor and set to work.

An hour later and without any hot glue gun burns (amazing for me), I finished the wreath and am overjoyed with the results. Since it is dark outside right now, I hung it on the inside of the door to take pics of it. Who can wait for morning for such a thing!!

Thanks to the Dollar Tree and the generosity of someone who donated to the Tree of Hope, I have a pretty new wreath this Christmas!!

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