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Half Bath Redo on the Cheap

Since the flooding issues in our town forced us to evacuate, I have been needing to fill my time with other things. Once the mandatory evacuation was lifted, I started spending day time hours at the house. I painted L’s room, cleaned, and other exciting necessary stuff. I got a while hair to repaint the half bath because my dad is coming to stay and since his normal bedroom and bathroom basically no longer exist due to ground seepage in our basement, I decided that I should spruce up the half bath that he will be using.

This project needed to be done on the cheap since money is tight right now. With plans of redoing the basement, the costs of evacuating, storing, pumps, etc., we have experienced some unexpected expenses. I was fortunate enough to get some paint from my in laws, used some leftover paint from other projects, and a whole lot of elbow grease. I may have lost a few brain cells from the oil based primer and polyurethane, but it turned out great.

Here is a breakdown of what I did:

-Primed and painted the vanity and medicine cabinet (from white to black) -Painted the walls (from mint to a grayish lavender) -Primed, painted, stenciled, and polyurethaned the vinyl flooring -Finished it off with a few decorations

So without further ado, here are the pics:



This project cost me a total of $60!!!!!

How you ask? Here is what I spent on what to give me the total cost: -Wall Paint (FREE, thanks to Ryan’s parents) -Floor Paint (FREE, leftovers from Luke’s room) -Polyurethane for floor (FREE, leftovers thanks to previous owners) -Misc. Items from Hobby Lobby for floor ($10) -Vanity Paint and Primer ($15) -Brushes/Rollers ($10) -Towels and Soap Dispenser ($25) -Wall Decor (FREE, already had)


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