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Hiawatha Hill House

I was asked this morning if I had pictures of the Hiawatha Hill House after all the remodeling was done, but before we started packing up.  Fortunately, I had taken the pictures right before we had it listed for sale.  Thought I would put them on here so everyone could see the end result.

View from Master Deck
Kitchen and Dining
Kitchen 2
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom 2
Master 3
Main Bath
L Bedroom
L Bedroom 2
Half Bath and Laundry
Half Bath and Laundry 3
Half Bath and Laundry 2
Family Room
Family Room 3
Family Room 2
Bedroom Office

This house project was a lot of work, but it feels good to know that we are leaving it to the new owners in such a pretty and updated state.  I always love to leave something in better shape than I found it!

We will begin the loading up of boxes tonight into the trailer and then we will get the UHaul truck tomorrow at noon.  The furniture and all the rest will be loaded up then and we will be heading out of town on Sunday.  It still doesn’t seem real!  It should with the million boxes and tons of stuff everywhere, but it just hasn’t hit me that in two days we will be starting our new adventure.

Anyone care to see a sneak peak of the new house that we will be moving into (hopefully next week)? Well, whether you want to or not…here she is!!!

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