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Koselig Spaces Inspiration

One of my favorite things to do is create beautiful interior spaces. I love making my house feel cozy and calm, a retreat of sorts. A koselig space is just that...calm, cozy, serene, like a warm hug.

I accomplish this by surrounding my space with things I love. I don't necessarily look at the latest styles and trends with design, although, I do like to see what is new, but focus more on what brings me joy.

I love vintage things, unique finds, and family treasures. I would say that my style is an eclectic mix, but at the same time, it all works nicely together. As I was thinking about Koselig and design, these are some things that stand out to me. Natural light wood tones, candles or lamps that create more soft light, natural light, white paint, and less clutter seem to be common in Scandinavian design. While I probably won't embrace all of that 100% because I love so many different designs, incorporating some of these ideas definitely will help the Koselig vibe.

Here are a few inspirations:

This kitchen from the Lone Fox website is very inviting. It is unassuming, full of light (love the skylight so much), and has great touches of natural wood. While I probably wouldn't have as much plant life vining all over, but the touch of green is lovely.

The roaring fire, the candles, that window great! I could imagine sitting in this roo for hours reading a book. Some of the things that make this such a Koselig space are the textured pillows and blankets, the glow of the fire and the candles, the beautiful rustic floor and ceiling, and overall just the feeling of serenity in the room. I could definitely hang out here! You can find this and other Koselig home ideas on the Inspirations Deco blog.

Even if you don't have a lot of space, you can make the space feel cozy. Take this little entry area. I absolutely love the star in the window. I can imagine that it gives off a pretty glow at night. The textured blankets and pillows take your eye away from boots stored under the bench. The beautiful aqua color on the walls is very soothing as well. You can find even more Koselig ideas on the Brit + Co website.

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