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Pretty New Tree Art

This week has been super busy and literally flew by.  It was Monday and then it was Friday and I have no idea where it went.  I have been busy working on some of the final details of decorating at Sweet & Flour Patisserie and it is looking amazing!

Last weekend, I attended a craft fair at the Sleep Inn in Minot.  The funny thing was that while I was the one that wanted to go and I dragged Ryan and Luke there, they were the ones that made purchases.  There were a couple of things that I wanted, but easily talked myself out of them because that is what I do best.  It was not for a lack of wonderful things to buy because I had picked out several things that I wanted, but I always end up walking around and coming up with a million reasons why I don’t need to make the purchase.

In the end, Luke and Ryan walked out of the sale each with a purchase and me with nothing.  That was not the end of it for me though.  See, I was mulling over a piece of art that I really wanted, but thought I had to space for until I got home and realized I had the perfect space.  I sent a text to my friend, Dana, of NaiDaLee Designs who had a booth at the sale and asked her if she could see if the art piece was at the booth where I had spied it.  I thought for sure it would be gone, but shortly after, Dana replied that indeed it was still available.  She told the seller that I wanted it and a few days later, I had the art in my possession!

The piece that I fell in love with and ultimately purchased was made my Lindsay at Linden & Lace.  The colors are amazing and I really love the texture.  So happy with the purchase.  Want to see it?

The pictures don’t do this piece justice as you really have to see the colors and textures in person, but at least you get the idea!  Thanks so much, Lindsay, for the beautiful art work.  Check out more of her work on her facebook page…Linden & Lace.

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