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Talk about conveniences

Have you ever wished that your toilet was in a more convenient spot? How about in your dining area or maybe in your kitchen? We decided that it might be a good place for a toilet so that is where it is located right now. Okay, so maybe it is just there because Ryan is tiling the bathroom floor, but it does look pretty humorous. I especially like the black garbage bag wrapped around the bottom of it. That really adds another level to the coolness factor.

Who knows, maybe someone will see this blog post and decide it is an amazing idea. I mean, why not replace your dining room chairs with toilets and have matching ones for everyone in your dining room? Or for an interesting effect, have them be a little different for a more eclectic look.

So I seriously must be tired that I am sitting here writing about using toilets as dining room chairs. It is either the tiredness factor or inhaling too many paint fumes. Of course, that cannot be the case because I am using no VOC paint. But, that is a post for another night when I am not so tired!

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