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Guest Design: Fabulous Red Redo

My thrifty, creative ways are rubbing off on my friends! Actually my friend, Kelli, has been thrifty and creative for years, but I just introduced her to the world of spray paint (and now she is hooked!).

Kelli found this nightstand on her neighbor’s curb the night before garbage day last week while on a walk with her husband. She really wanted to take it, but was concerned that maybe her neighbor would not be very thrilled with her taking their garbage. They finished the walk, but the nightstand was imbedded her mind and it wouldn’t go away. How could someone allow something so useful to go to the landfill? Kelli had a vision and she knew she could give that night stand some love and make it into something fabulous. When the urge to bring home this treasure became too much for her to handle, she coaxed her husband into walking down the street to retrieve it.

Phill, Kelli’s husband, dressed in dark colors (not on purpose, but adds to the effect), made his way down the road and reluctantly brought the prize home. You see, Phill, did not see the beauty in the nightstand as he did not have the vision that Kelli had for it. Little did he know how amazing she would make their little trash to treasure piece. And how very thrilled he was with the small price tag for this item!

With a little bit of spray paint, 2 new knobs, some elbow grease, and 1 hour of her life, Kelli set out to create a masterpiece in the form of a table for her front porch. Her effort paid off and she is now the proud owner of a very cute little table that adds a pop of color on her porch.

Who would have ever thought that this table could go from blah to fabulous in an hour? So how much did this project cost?

Nightstand: FREE (thank you neighbor)

Spray Paint: $4.34

Shiny New Knobs $2.57

Grand Total: $6.91

And there you have it! I love that my friend, who I used to sit with on the back steps of our apartment building eating pomegranates in North Dakota, but now lives in North Carolina was able to be my first blog guest with her fabulous furniture redo. I bet her neighbor would be a little jealous knowing that their garbage could have looked like this! Too bad for them!!!

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