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Ladder Gone Wrong

Most of the time when I have a major flub on a project that I am working on, I don’t post it. This project, though, just has to be shown. I had this great idea (stolen from Pinterest) to turn an old ladder into a shelving unit. It is going to be used at Sweet & Flour Patisserie when it finally looks good enough to use! I started by getting a free ladder that was in pretty poor condition and had wooden shelves built for it (not pictured yet). My plan was to spray paint it a pretty lime green color and imagined just how great it was going to look. Well, it didn’t start out so well!

I thought I would be able to just spray it green right away, but realized that the plan was not going to work. The spray paint was really runny and it just looked horrible!

After this mess, I decided I should take my own advice and prime it.

Well, I primed and sprayed it green again and it still looked horrible. I think there was something wrong with the spray paint. It was so incredibly watery and didn’t cover at all. I have never had that issue with spray paint before. Oh well. Fortunately, I was saved by the owner of Sweet & Flour who has an amazing husband. He sprayed the ladder and the shelves for me. It looks great! We decided to go with white to make the display cakes on it really pop. I will take a picture today of the finished product. See, mess ups do happen (often times frequently) and you just have to go with the flow and hope that in the end they turn out okay!

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