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Living Room Updates

The living room is progressing! I am actually just about finished with it. I would like to put a little more art on the wall by the hutch, but otherwise, I am quite happy with it.

These are the pictures of the living room when we toured the house for the first time:

We started weeks ago by painting the walls in the living room a color called Butter Pecan. It is a lot lighter of a color than I normally choose, but because we have so much dark furniture and the flooring we picked is dark, I thought we should go lighter. Plus, I don’t want to have to paint when we move in a few years!

Not such a fan of the sponge paint technique, but wait until you see what I did with this wall!

After paint, we installed crown molding, flooring, and baseboard. That was a bigger project than I expected! I thought it would go really fast, but I had no idea how much prep work, measuring, cutting, and such needed to be done!

Once all of these steps were finished, it was time for the furniture and decor. I had no idea if all of our furniture would fit into this living room as it is considerably smaller than our old living room, but we made it work and I think it turned out nicely!

This picture was taken prior to adding the new rug!

Here are the afters with the rug and all the decor (I even found my fall decor)!

I am going to keep you in suspense on the look of the wall across from the TV. I haven’t finished with it so you will just have to wait and see!!!

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