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One Room Almost Done…How many more to go?

If you read my blog title for today, you will see the word almost. I never feel like I am fully finished decorating a room. Just when I think it is done, I find something else interesting or awe inspiring that it needs. This is why the word almost is there. I haven’t been able to find all of Mr. Luke’s cherished belongings in the masses of piles in the 4 storage spaces we have filled to capacity either. Once it gets all in there, I am not sure there will be room for him!

I started with Luke’s room because I felt that it was a way for him to get comfortable with the new surroundings before we actually move in. It was also a way to keep him occupied while we work. He was able to put stuff where he wanted it and find all the many treasures that have been stored away for so long.

I shall make the writing portion of the blog short today so that we can just get to the pictures already!! So without further ado, here are the pictures.


As you can tell, this room needed some love. The carpets were in pretty bad shape, the walls needed paint, there was no baseboard, and the closet doors were barely hanging on!


As you can see by the progress, we painted the walls (gold on the top and a gray blue on the bottom). We were going to just do a white painted border between the 2 colors, but I had this idea in the middle of the night to paint geometric shapes on the border. I really love how it turned out. It was time consuming, but fun! I think it goes nicely with all his stuff, which you will see in the next pictures.

AFTER (almost done)

Does the room look a little different?

What all did we do with this room?

–ripped out carpet and put in dark laminate flooring

–painted the walls

–took off the closet doors and decided not to replace them! It turned out to be a great space for his desk.

–painted all the trim around the doors and windows

–and last but not least, my favorite part….DECORATING!!!

And here is Mr. Luke! Isn’t he cute? Oh, and this is the flooring we put on the entire main floor!

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