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Shelf Appeal

The shelf I posted pictures of yesterday is complete.  It is shockingly different from how it looked yesterday!  I was going to spray paint it, but then I realized that it is far too cold outside to do any spraying painting and I really didn’t want to die from inhaling too many fumes by doing it inside.  Not too mention the probable mess it would create!  I went with a plain old paint and brush and it worked just great.

Just for a refresher here are the pictures I posted yesterday…

Now the moment of truth! I will be planning to add some more accessories to the shelf soon, but I need to find just the right things.

As you can see on the close ups, I did an aged patina effect by wiping black glaze over the notched parts and then wiping the excess off with a damp cloth.  I like the effect it gives to an old piece of furniture.

Do you just love the saying in the frame.  It says, “At any given moment I have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.”  I just love it and it is so fitting for the year we have had.  Now that this shelf is hanging the laundry room/bathroom, it feels like the room is coming along nicely.  More in the near future on the progress of the space.  Slowly, but surely!

I suppose I better give a break down of the cost of this project.

Shelf $2.99 at Goodwill, Paint $6.00 at Walmart, everything else I already had.  Total cost: $8.99  (Pretty crazy that the shelf was cheaper than the paint!!)

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