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Violin Redo

I found this violin the other day at a Christmas decor giveaway. Luke loves violins so I thought it might be fun to get it for him. The violin decoration was a little bit more rustic than I traditionally would use so I decided it would be fun to redesign it.

First I started by removing the ribbon, berries, acorns, and burlap. I was shocked at just how much hot glue was used to adhere them!! After painstakingly removing those items, I painted the violin (which is plastic by the way!). I started with an oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Then I went over the entire thing with a coat of shiny black for more effect. I didn’t want it to be so one tone and the black helped just the right amount to give a more dimensional look. Once the paint dried, it was time for the accessories. I made a bow out of red shiny ribbon, added some red ornaments, and a couple of birds. It is pretty simple and I might add a little bit more bling to it later, but I thought I would just use what I had on hand for now.

How much did the violin redo cost?

Paint $1.97

Ribbon $$.97

Violin, greens, birds, ornaments FREE

GRAND TOTAL: $3.15 with tax

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