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Shopping in the Garage

As a thrifter, I am always buying things off season when you can get the best deals. Last spring (I think it was March), I found snowboots at JCPenney. Since I wasn’t sure what size boots Luke would be wearing this winter, I bought 2 pairs. Now, this may seem silly to buy 2 pairs of boots, but I figured it was worth it since I paid $4.97 for each pair. They were regularly priced at $55.00 per pair so I figured I would buy 2 pairs in hopes that the smaller ones would fit in early winter and maybe the larger pair would fit halfway through the winter.

Yesterday morning when the beautiful blizzard showed up, I walked out into the garage and found the 2 boxes of snowboots. I grabbed the smaller of the 2 sizes and brought them into the house for Luke to try on. Perfect!! They were a great fit!!! Well worth the $4.97 that I spent in March!

The truly funny part is that JCPenney is carrying the exact same pairs of boots this year for boys. Check them out here and here. It does pay to shop the end of year clearance for sure.

Good thing I was able to find them after all the chaos of the last 6 months….Now if only I could find my own winter boots!!

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